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bethanthepurple ([personal profile] bethanthepurple) wrote2006-01-04 07:37 pm

The truly beautiful are often abused for apparent ugliness...

...just as those with great vision often bump into things.

SO, you have til I get back from the shower to tell me what colour to do it!

And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] benc!

(I finished essay #1 & will keep playing with #2 this evening - this is my well-earned playtime)

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Wow that's really....short and with a fringe!

Eeeee not my taste, but very practical I'm sure!

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I think that's what we in the business call "damning with no praise" ;)

This is basically the last 8 months of my life that I can get away with copying bad styles from cartoon characters. I'm making the most of it.

(but it feels really really nice when stroked :) )

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Ohhh actually it looks strokable!

But yes, do outrageous before eyou have to be all teachery.

And as for colour....half red, half black. Sqweeee!

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I shaved my head when I went to uni - much the same reasoning :)

And the stroking IS good I seem to recall :)

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Blimey, I didn't know that! Shaved as in bald? or as in close crop with clippers? And are there pictures?

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as in bald with a bit of spiky silliness on the top. Not sure about photos - will have a look :)

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I'm quite liking the current colour with it, but failing that purple?

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Yeah. Pondering keeping it myself. Hum.
Though, yes. Purple has all the goodness of being PURPLE!

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Lurvin' the hair, by the way.

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Ta, me luvver :)

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I'm thinking either purple or reddish orange

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Consensus seems to be heading that way :)

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Great minds think alike!

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ta :)
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Purple shininess!

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Looks great darling

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Aw! Thankyou!

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And I'm gonna say purple.

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Can I be your mate?