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bethanthepurple ([personal profile] bethanthepurple) wrote2016-08-09 09:17 am


I deleted a lot of friends recently. If I accidentally deleted you, please say and I'll re-add.

Also, if you want to friend me, just comment here.

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barakta: (funky)

[personal profile] barakta 2016-08-11 12:54 pm (UTC)(link)
In case I got deleted :D

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You didn't, silly billy.

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:( I can haz re-add?

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Done :)

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Also if you want to friend me just comment here
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I have just added you here!
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I.. Believe we knew each other Way Back Yonder on QYN? Your name rings a definite bell. May I add? (uncomfortable posting username there, happy to PM)