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2016-08-09 09:17 am


I deleted a lot of friends recently. If I accidentally deleted you, please say and I'll re-add.

Also, if you want to friend me, just comment here.
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2013-01-03 06:03 pm


I got lots of lovely compliments on my trip to London, so in the interests of getting more of a good thing, I am going to do an "Is there something you want to tell me?" style post.

Use comments to be anonymous.

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2010-07-14 04:09 pm

Friends only.

This journal is now friends-only.

I'll add most people, so if you want to read just leave a comment here.
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2006-05-20 08:29 pm

Bethan's continually updated Eurovision post!

20:29: Finland look to win... )

Armenia obviously called shotgun on kinky bondage. It's a walking talking Cat's Cradle!

Aaaaaaaaand... HERE'S THE VOTE!
Not before the presenters come on with their third AMAZING(TM) costume change!
And the magic b0rked eggtimer!
This Eurovision drinking game? Shot for every amazing. Smashed 10 minutes in with this scriptwriter. BUY AN ARSING THESAURUS!

My vote: (from the top...)
Spain (for the skinhead)
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2006-01-04 07:37 pm

The truly beautiful are often abused for apparent ugliness...

...just as those with great vision often bump into things.

Think yourselves lucky. It was almost a mohawk :D ('cept they're a bit hard by yourself with 1 mirror) )

SO, you have til I get back from the shower to tell me what colour to do it!

And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] benc!

(I finished essay #1 & will keep playing with #2 this evening - this is my well-earned playtime)